Welcome to my life!

I am a 21 year old German aspiring actress. I love musicals, TV crime shows and Cher. I try to learn as many new languages as possible. Right now my obsessions are Castle, Caskett, House MD and Katey Sagal. I basically love anyone with a huge smart aleck mouth =D
Stana Katic
My Edits

every episode of house md ever

  • house: a case!
  • team: lupus/sarcoidosis
  • house: no that's dumb you're dumb we need to do a dangerous and probably illegal thing to see what it is
  • foreman: house no
  • cuddy: house no
  • wilson: house no
  • house: hoUSE YES
  • the team: *tries different things*
  • patient: *nearly dies like 4 times*
  • cuddy: house do your clinic hours
  • house: nah i need to do more illegal things
  • cuddy: house no
  • sexual tension: *remains unresolved*
  • wilson: house stop
  • house: everyone's an idiot
  • wilson: hoUSE STOP
  • sexual tension: *remains unresolved*
  • foreman: but I don't want to be house
  • thirteen: oh my god ur whiny
  • chase: *is dishy*
  • taub: *is jewish*
  • patient: oh also here's a look into my sex life/drug use/whatever but i didn't think it was important before
  • house: ...
  • thirteen: ...
  • foreman: ...
  • taub: ...
  • everyone: ...u know if you told us that like five minutes ago we could have cured you sooner
  • patient: *is cured woohoo*
  • credits: roll